Improve Your 

Spiritual Fitness

15th November 2020

Tools and Tips for anchoring 
Spiritual Embodiment & 
Spiritual Fitness

Jean-Pierre De Villiers and Rita Hraiz have teamed up to bring you this empowering online event.

This empowering event is for people who are ready to show up for themselves and become their 
best selves.

This coaching event will help you connect with your body and mind, guide you to be free from anxiety and fear by tapping into your inner abundance through expanding consciousness.

The steps toward Spiritual Fitness start with aligning your inner-self and mastering your deeper perspective of taking control which allows you to move forward in life.

If you want to realize how to be in the stream of consciousness from spirit, this event will guide you to be open to having more currency.

Online event via ZOOM
Sunday 15th November | 11am - 5pm

This online event will 
give you the wisdom to:

Master your energy for 
calm and inner peace

Clear anxiety and fear from the body

Centralize your alignment

How to practice gratitude

Learn meditation skills and 
breathing optimization 

Consistently achieve better 
long-lasting results

Live your life with higher impact, influence and inspiration

This event is for you 
and focused on YOU. 

How to improve your spiritual fitness, open your awareness and raise your consciousness

"In the 'desire and wanting' you are pushing away because you believe in the lack of not having. 
We need to change the perspective from within to realize that everything you need or want is right here "

- Rita Hraiz
Rita Hraiz is a ceremony holder, 
ethical clothes designer ( visionary artist & Ageless Wisdom Teacher. She has worked around the world holding retreats and courses, supporting people to connect to their innate pristine vivid awareness to access the Tree of Life from within.

Rita uses her shamanic skills and knowledge of teachings gained over the last thirty years to support people in making a pilgrimage back to themselves, to put their roots deep into the earth and make strong community connections. To find their place in the world, their self-worth and connection to source. She runs online courses, workshops and retreats around the world to support the unfolding of the collective wake up.
JP has invested his entire life to personal development, coaching for 16 years and a professional athlete in multiple disciplines while working with a number of high performing business leaders and champions who demand the best from themselves.

He has transformed his own life and businesses multiple times and as a result has been invited to work with and share stages with the best of the best including Lisa Nichols, Jay Abraham, Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Shetty, Prince EA, Michelle Mone and more.

JP has coached celebrities, been endorsed by the best coaches and business leaders in the world and worked with companies such as Facebook, Chevrolet and Accenture.


Sunday 15th November  
11am - 5pm GMT (UK time) 
This online event will be 
hosted on Zoom
Investment = Pay What You Want 

If you have any questions, please contact us at
Sunday 15th November 2020
11am - 5pm (GMT/UK time)  
Jean-Pierre De Villiers
Rita Hraiz
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